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Opened in 1997, the Ethandweni Children’s Home is a community-based orphanage in Zimbabwe providing care for children with no family or other support. The word Ethandweni means ‘place of love’ in Ndebele.

Now fully operational Ethandweni Children’s Home can house a maximum of 36 children (from a few months old to 19 years), and have 12 local staff from nearby villages. The children attend local government schools, while 70 local children attend the Ethandweni pre-school, where a supplementary feeding programme is provided. These links ensure that these children maintain close ties with their local community.

Circumstances within Zimbabwe have made recent operations more difficult. The current economic and political situation, drought and accompanying food shortages and the AIDS epidemic all affect the day-to-day running of the home, and the communities around it.

Ethandweni Children’s Home bring up their children in a caring, holistic, homely, spiritually based environment, aiming to bring out their fullest potential. The Home is also designed to have minimal environmental needs and impact.